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Customer Stories

Over the years, we've worked with many companies large and small in pretty much every sector, from AgriTech to Manufacturing to Financial Services and beyond.

Some are ISVs that have moved from on-premise to SaaS, others are equipment companies introducing new software services.

We've defined comprehensive Business Model and Go-To-Market Plans for some customers; others have sought support with a specific need - a new Channel Strategy to improve reach and scale or a new Pricing strategy to match the evolution of their product.


We established Aitheria Partners in June 2023. Below, we're proud to showcase some of our recent projects.



Asker, Norway
4SS PNG Logo White.png

4subsea helps energy providers monitor the structural integrity of offshore oil rigs and wind turbines. They also provide data-driven insights to shipping operators on the operability of their ships on the high seas.

Aitheria Partners helped 4subsea crystalise the business model, commercial strategy and go-to-market plan for their data analytics platform called 4insight®. 

 SOS Station offers communities the reassurance of fully serviced safety equipment to help with multiple emergency scenarios.

Aitheria Partners worked with the SOS Station leadership team to define a comprehensive Business Model, Business Architecture and Action Plan to support the mobilisation of their new business.


SOS Station

Galway, Ireland
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