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4subsea helps energy providers monitor the structural integrity of offshore oil rigs and wind turbines. They also provide data-driven insights to shipping operators on the operability of their ships on the high seas.


They do this by combining engineering domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to create a digital twin of the physical infrastructure. This helps their customers maximise lifetime of assets, reduce operational costs, minimise downtime and optimise future projects through data-driven design.

Established in 2007, 4SubSea's customers include the world's major energy operators, shipping companies and suppliers of subsea equipment.

Case Study


Asker, Norway

4insight  GTM plan



4insight® is the digital platform of 4subsea.


It aggregates data from many diverse sources: sensors, real-time weather feeds, shipping sub-systems, enterprise systems, to name a few. A range of applications use this data to support customers' real-time decision-making and post-event analysis.

4subsea approached Aitheria Partners to help define an effective Go-To-Market plan for the 4insight® platform to bring these benefits to a much wider audience.

For example, 4insight® offers the opportunity for the customer's data scientists and engineers to analyse diverse datasets, identify insights, create visualisation dashboards and share them with colleagues and managers across their company.

"However", Peter Jenkins, 4subsea CEO acknowledged, "we're challenged to raise awareness of this hugely powerful capability across our customer base and beyond".

Wavy Abstract Background

Aitheria Partners engagement

Following initial online engagement to gain a thorough understanding of 4subsea's opportunities and challenges, we facilitated a two-day workshop in Oslo, Norway.


The workshop was attended by 4subsea's Senior Leadership Team, together with Product Management and Product Marketing leaders - the custodians of the 4insight® Business Model.

Using the Aitheria Partners Business Model Framework, we analysed each aspect of the Business Model and GTM approach, prioritising in particular 4 focus areas.

Focus areas


Value Proposition

A succinct definition of business value in the eyes of influencers, decision makers and end-users.


Value Chain

Mapping how value arises for different stakeholders from suppliers, OEMs, partners, system integrators and customers.


Sales Funnel

Tactics to raise awareness, drive sales, encourage product engagement and word-of-mouth advocacy.


Channel Strategy

Establishing a framework to identify the right channel partners to achieve

reach and scale.

Many details were captured across the team during the workshop: 34 flip-chart pages to be precise! This was then analysed and distilled into a Business Model and GTM Action Plan over the subsequent days.


Clearly defined business model

Including clarity on business value to shape compelling sales and marketing collateral in the language of the customer.

Commercial strategy

With the right balance across Software-as-a-Service (subscription), Hardware (unit price), and Services (time and materials).

GTM Action

Customer and Partner engagement plan with clear ownership, dependencies and opportunities for collaboration between teams.

Cross-function alignment

Across CEO, COO, CCO, CTO, Sales, Marketing, Product Management on the strategy & plan to drive awareness, sales and product engagement.

"Patrick was impressive. Without extensive knowledge or background from this industry, he picked up on things with apparent ease and asked questions that really made the team reflect. Truly an impressive facilitator."

Frank Bangsund, VP Marketing, 4subsea

"The Aitheria engagement has really helped us gain clarity and align on a plan to bring the power of 4Insight   to a much broader audience across the ecosystem." 


Peter Jenkins, CEO, 4subsea

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